Wamae Maina

I am Wamae Maina, a visual expressive artist. I work majorly with graphite and charcoal pencils and my work is mainly on issues mental health as I’m both an advocate and a practitioner. An advocate in the sense that my work seeks to create awareness as well as highlight societal gaps on matters mental health and basic human rights, and a practitioner in the sense that I’m a psychologist by profession and I practice as a guidance counselor. My work is majorly a compilation of everyday experiences, research and a touch of my personal opinions and emotions. I’m also a photographer, and here I revel in a world of color. My work here is mostly collaborative and it’s also here that I get to experience diversity as I network with brilliant creative minds.

Joseph Njoroge Maina

Josey (Joseph Njoroge Maina) is a Kenyan Fine Artist, Teacher and Art Trainer with over 10 years of
experience in the arts industry.
He’s a specialist in impressionistic and realistic acrylics paintings with special interest in portraiture and
nature. He has worked on thousands of portrait commissions for clients all over the world.
Josey has a close kinship with the natural world and its connection with the indigenous people paying
close attention to socio-cultural diversity, psychological and emotional orientations.
To Josey, portraits attract attention, evoke emotions and communicate generously about the subject’s
thoughts and background.
He believes in conserving special and delightful life moments in form of art. “I find it extremely fulfilling
converting nature and people into timeless paintings”. This makes his art fetch excellent market
especially to clients who wish to gift their loved ones with unique and sentimental gifts.
Josey is a graduate of The University of Nairobi where he pursued Bachelors in Education (Arts) between
2009 and 2013. Since graduation in 2013 he has worked as a teacher of History, Religion and Fine Art in
various public and private schools in Kenya.
Among these schools are South Tetu Girls High School in Nyeri County, Ituru Boys High School in Kiambu
County and and most recently The Riara Group of Schools.
In the spirit of nurturing young artists, Josey is also a well known talent coach and mentor which he
accomplishes through establishing Art Clubs in schools, career talks and offering art tutorials in his art
studio located in Ruiru about 25km from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital..

John Ruitha Maina

My name is John Ruitha Maina,23. I’m a visual artist based in Nairobi. I began painting using oils
but I later changed it to acrylic paints which I enjoy using. I currently work alone in my home
studio in Thika town. In my paintings I use a contemporary style of creating whereby my main
features and themes are human figures and also emotions expressed and a use of color to
express different emotions. I worked with different themes, completed a few other series of
artworks using different techniques. I am also a self-taught artist learning from the best artists
locally and internationally as well. I have exhibited my art locally at the Kenya National Museum
of Arts, One Off Contemporary art gallery, Tewas art gallery, internationally with the House of
friend’s gallery in Portland, Oregon and also recently at the Village Market in a collective art
show curated by Kinuthia galleries. In this year my art was also featured in the Kenya Arts Diary
catalogue 2023 which is still an honor.

Gideon Mutai

I am Gideon Mutai, a visual artist born and raised in Kenya. I work mainly with oil paints but I am well conversant with graphite and charcoal which are the mediums I begun using earlier on in my artistic journey. I draw my inspiration from the beauty of nature particularly animals and landscapes, and also from people who have managed to inspire the world with their contribution in making a positive impact. I started drawing at the age of 10. There was a kids show back then called club kiboko which aired in our local channel on weekends. It was a thirty minutes show teaching kids how to draw. I would draw what was being drawn each and every weekend and that’s how I learnt how to sketch. To this day I still have those books and am amazed at how far I have come. I am so grateful for that artist for he changed my life thus I love sharing this gift and teaching others the few things that I have learnt. I have participated in a few exhibitions and have been able to interact with amazing artists and i am still learning each and everyday.

Evans Omulama

My name is Evans Omulama. In the art world I go by ‘ohmz graffiti’. I am a visual artist based in
Nairobi, Kenya. I specialize in mural installations, graffiti writings,and canvas paintings.
My preferred art media include aerosol, acrylics, and airbrush.
I was brought up in a neighborhood (Buruburu) that birthed the famous Kenyan ‘matatu graffiti
culture’ . Naturally, I started practicing my artistry by recreating matatu (public vans) designs that
I saw along the way to and from school. My professional art journey began in the matatu
industry but I later switched to mural art. At the moment I indulge in both mural and canvas art.
I draw most of the inspiration for my art from personal experiences and things that I observe.
Notable exhibitions that I’ve been to include Strokes and Sips Event, Art in the Wild, and
Affordable Art Show Kenya. I was also part of a team tasked with installing murals in the Kenya
Revenue Authority offices. I’ve worked with organizations such as Haart Kenya and TUSC
Concepts to tackle issues such as human trafficking and to bring positive changes in the
community through Art.